Software Design & Development

We build your project in a collaborative and transparent way

Embedded & Firmware

Custom firmware development, including cloud connectivity, and over-the-air updates.

Cloud & Mobile

Full-stack software development, including infrastructure, UI/UX, and custom integrations.


Custom data storage and analytics including computer vision, machine learning, and 3rd party applications.

Security & Regulatory

Integration of security, data privacy, and quality best practices at all stages of development.

Since 2008, Prolucid has successfully delivered hundreds of software engineering projects for our clients using a proven combination of process, technology, and expertise.

We pride ourselves on building effective and long-lasting relationships with our clients that deliver projects that ensure success for everyone involved.

Our project execution and company success is driven by a world-class team with extensive hands-on experience, and a relentless curiosity and drive to use technology to help solve real-world problems.

Computer Vision for Inspection Automation
Point of Care Diagnostics
Fuel Channel Tooling & Integrations
Full-Stack Software Engineering
Major Component Replacement Automation
Therapeutic Devices
Wearables & Patient Monitoring
Imaging & Computer Aided Diagnostics
Imaging System Enhancements
EHR & PACS Integration